Saturday, 16 June 2012

Creme De La Mer World Oceans Day 2012 Jar Release.

Every year around this sort of period Creme De La Mer commemorate the Ocean Heritage of their brand with a special release Jar of their famous moisturiser, limited to 10,000 jars worldwide and in a 100ml sixe not previously available, each jar is packaged in a special edition jar and box.

This years release features a far more vibrant and colourful jar than in previous years, as usual the date stamp is quite bold, leaving no uncertainty as to its year of origin.  What makes these releases unusual is not the jar itself, but rather the size of the jar, Creme De La Mer only release 30ml, 60ml, 250ml, and 500ml, and the larger you buy the cheaper it is, they measure the value on the 100ml size, from £300 per 100m for the 30ml size, up to £230 per 100ml for the 500ml size, and this limited edition 100ml World Oceans Day jar costs only £255, meaning only a £25 premium over the top rate, but in fact if they did sell an actual 100ml size, it would probably be around £270 - £280, this release therefore represents actual good value, an unusual concept in a limited edition release.

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