Thursday, 9 August 2012

New from Bottega Veneta Intrecciomirage and Intrecciolusion Products.

New from Bottega Veneta comes a range of Products in two totally new materials, called Intrecciomirage and Intrecciolusion, read on for more info.

First we have Intrecciomirage, the model pictured is the top of the line blackened gold model, which is coated with gold leaf that has been carefully aged and blackened, however, that is not the story here people, what this new material is at heart is a cheap version of the Intrecciato we have all come to know and love from Bottega, whereas the classic is woven leather, this mirage version is leather, embossed with a Intrecciato pattern, hence the "mirage" moniker.

Reflecting the lower level of expertise, mirage products are considerably lower priced, the average price is around £500, and the top of the line gold tote pictured retails for only £810.

Second we have Intrecciolusion, this is in fact not even leather, rather it is a Cotton fabric which has been treated and coated with an inkjet like process, to create a Intrecciato design that appears to the viewer like the classic woven leather bags. 

Supposedly these are unique, and different, realistically though, it is simply a lower priced item from Bottega Veneta, presumably both these new materials are designed to allow the brand to bridge more markets, are their Intrecciato proper products are priced at around £1500 minimum, and with brands such as Louis Vuiton, and even Goyard pumping out highly desirable bags for around the £800 price mark, and even lower, these are a response to a market which needs lower priced products.

In line with this, the "lusion" line is prices around the £400 for the top bags, and considerably lower for smaller items.  Both new ranges are available now.

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