Saturday, 11 August 2012

Pinel et Pinel Kibako trunk, the "Green" Trunk

Periodically Pinel et Pinel release a new trunk, and in general the world says "wow", they have managed under the careful guidance of their lord and master Fred Pinel, to produce a serious range of high quality luggage pieces for the most esoteric of tastes, and the widest of pocket books, a glance at THIS post by us recaps their most recent achievements, it must be said however, that the new Kibako trunk is a bit of a head scratcher.

Measuring 36cm x 66cm x 48cm, it is a portable bonsai set, including power source for humidifier, horticultural light and tools, all wrapped up in a leather of your choosing.

How wide the market for a product like this would be is quite hard to say, however they do tend to produce products that would appear to have an extremely limited selection of customers, it is priced at £25,000, so you will have to REALLY love bonsai to purchase one.

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