Saturday, 20 April 2013

Harrods Pop Up Bar Serving Great Gatsby Cocktails.

The latest "big movie" everyone is talking about is the soon to be released Gatsby, starring superstar Leornardo DeCaprio,  to celebrate Baz Lurhmann's stunning new take on F.Scott Fitzgeralds 1920's masterpiece of love, loss, regret, class struggle and murder, various different exciting events and happenings have been staged, notwithstanding the obvious fanfare of the actual Premiere's on the films May 22nd Worldwide release date.

One of the most interesting proposals is set to be a pop-up-bar in Harrods, this charming little fixture will be open in the food hall basement, formerly underneath the sweet area which has now become the fine watch room, and will hark back to 1920's Jazz era glamour in true extravagant style, art deco decor, cocktail making demonstrations, flapper fashion on waitresses, and all the Gimlet's and Martini's  you can drink.

Open from the 9th to the 20th of May, it should get you in a fine mood for The Great Gatsby's release, and probably have you in full evening dress sipping cocktails when you finally go to see it.

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