Saturday, 4 May 2013

Ferragamo Bespoke Service For Vara And Varina Shoe With New Website.

Ferragamo's classic Vara and Varina shoes have been a mainstay of Ferragamo's collections for 35 years now, and to celebrate the longevity, and classic style of this shoes, Ferragamo have created a special website, and brand new service, which allows Women to order customised versions of the Vara shoe.

The website,, showcases an ambitious new campaign for the project, launched today, each day for the next 21 days has a new photo-shoot, done by the award winning former Vogue photographer Clairborne Swanson-Frank, featuring a different woman, starting with the poster girl from the video, Olivia Palermo, and a different pair of customised shoes.

Then, after ingesting all the excitement of the campaign, you can click on the Customise your own link, and create your own pair, with your own heel, bow and main body colour, and, the chance to place your initials on the sole, the cost of this service is a premium of only £100 over the standard price, at £450, but sadly it is only available in the U.S.

Worldwide roll out is expected by the end of Summer 2013, so watch this space!

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