Monday, 6 May 2013

Bissol iPhone 5 Luxury Analogue Clock Attachment.

Bissol, the luxury technology company behind such accessories as the uber luxury 4GB USB drive, and other various smaller luxury tech bits, have announced a new device, designed to attach to the bottom of an iPhone 5, and give the user the experience of an analogue clock, in addition to the advanced technologies within the device itself.

The device will grant a 5 jewel quartz powered clock, titled the Caliber 788, which blends harmoniously with the case of the iPhone 5, ostensibly to merely provide the experience of the old blended with the new, but also, as most people look at their phones as timepieces now, the device saves on battery life, as you dont need to activate the phone to see the time.

The movement is gold plated, with moon phase functionality, and is encased in anodised aluminium, with a sapphire crystal glass lens. The  price has not yet been announced.

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