Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Berluti Re-Opens Conduit Street Store As Maison Berluti.

Berluti's long awaited re-opening has finally come about in Conduit street, and what an evolution we have been treated to, we had a little sample of what was in store for us in the 'new' Berluti over at their Harrods boutique, and if you imagine that, blown up, expanded, and stretched over three floors, you have a relatively accurate picture of whats on offer at Berluti's new Conduit Street "Maison"

All semblance of the old, trad Berluti has died and gone to heaven, no more warm friendly woods, no more rows of shoes, dark sexy wood, high brightness down-lighters, blacks, greys, and deep, deep navy's, all designed specifically to point you to their elegant, refined, and ultra sexy menswear, which no matter how you look at it, all seems custom designed for a mature playboy in a Paris bar.

Although the focus of the store is selling clobber, there are plenty of extras to distract you from this fact, such as a a first floor VIP area, with dedicated bespoke service for everything from top to tail, antique leather club chairs to relax in as you peruse the wares, and plenty of staff on hand in case you get lost in the 354 square metres of shopping space.

What makes this new store remarkable is the bespoke service already mentioned, this is the first time the original vision of the brands relaunch has been seen in action since its acquisition by LVMH, the vision was, a total luxury menswear brand where an affluent client can walk in and have everything, from shoes, to suit, to shirt, to bag, hat, gloves the whole shooting match, all bespoke made to their specifications, right down to ordering the patina of the leather on the shoes.

This London store may be the first to show Berluti's new direction, and the brand's owners new vision, but it certainly will not be the last, in fact, a new store has already been announced in Shanghai by a press release from LVMH just yesterday.  Get along to Conduit street and see what all the fuss is about,.

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