Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Baileys' Chocolate Luxe.

New from Baileys' comes an entirely new version of their classic irish cream liquer, 'chocolate luxe', this brings two firsts, the first time chocolate has been used as a flavouring for Baileys, and, the first time real Belgian chocolate has ever been fused with alcohol in such a specific manner.

Anthony Wilson the son of one of Baileys' original founders has on his quest to create this unique liquer, travelled across three continents, working with world class chocolatiers, scientists, and has sampled 200 varieties of the world's finest chocolates.

The process that led to the final creation has meant that each bottle contains madagascan vanilla as well as over 30g of Belgian chocolate per bottle, this leaves it the first chance for consumers to experience Belgian Chocolate as an alcoholic drink.

Baileys Chocolate Luxe is available now exclusively from Harvey Nichols until October, when it will be available Nationwide, and it costs £18 per bottle.

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