Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Casio G-Shock GDX6900MNM-1 "Eminem".

The Casio G-Shock seems like a pretty odd piece of horological equipment to feature on a blog about luxury products, however, the combination of being highly functional, having a huge range of options, being absolutely packed with features, and seemingly being capable of lasting for ever, means that every watch collection needs at least one G-Shock, as a beater watch, and for all those times you don't want to risk the potential theft of your prized piece of high priced mechanical gorgeousness.  An opinion shared incidentally by AskMen, the online portal for all advice man related, where an article was written several months ago with the exact same sentiments.

Not only this, but a stand at the prestigious Baselworld every year, the limited editions, collaborations and all the rare specials, end up making the G-Shock not just a reliable knock around, but also a genuine alternative for a fun stylish watch, without even needing to feel as if you are wearing a cheap tacky substitute to mechanical excellence, and with prices for some limited editions in the thousands, such as the Takashi Murakami edition which goes for £2500, your feelings of pride while wearing a rare G-Shock are well deserved.

Now the G-Shock sermon is finished, we move onto the latest, and most exciting new limited edition collaboration from Casio, the GDX6900MNM-1, this model, which has been designed in collaboration with Eminem, is the result of Casio attempting to raise the bar for their 30th anniversary, and with an event to launch the piece featuring a performance by the man himself, they would appear to have succeeded.

The new watch is one of the revamped XL-6900 models, which has been done in matte black, with black dial, reverse black LCD, and Red numerals, additionally, it features Eminem's Slim Shady signature on one strap, and the Detroit skyline in redon the other, the watch will also feature Eminem's E on the caseback.

The watch is limited, although numbers have not been published, and will cost £150 on release at the end of September 2013.

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