Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sybarite Jewellery London Men's Collection.

For those who do not know, Sybaris was a Greek city in antiquity, which amassed great wealth, and began to indulge in luxury and hedonism to excess, they did so to such an extent that it resulted in the term "sybarite" being synonomys even in modern day with a person who conspicuously consumes luxury to excess.

Sybarite Jewellery, a new London based jeweller, therefore wisely chose the name for it's brand, and even for those not versed in History, the quality of the products made by the brand is to even the most casual observer an obvious indication of the highest standard of the luxury goods industry.

However, until now, the brand which has been getting a cult following in fashion media have produced only Women's jewellery, as of August 2013 that has changed with the launch of Men's Jewellery collection.

Starting small, with just one ring and one set of cufflinks, the pieces exemplify the brands core philosophy, and would certainly be something a citizen of Sybaris would be happy to wear.

The ring is white gold, encrusted with white and black diamonds, and costs £6,000, and the cufflinks are white gold, with titanium, enamel and white diamonds, and cost 5,800 per set,  both pieces are availble now from Sybarite's Basil Street store, which by the way may be visited by appointment only.

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