Friday, 30 August 2013

Swatch Random Ghost With 15,120 Combinations.

We have discussed many times about the perfect watch collection, and about how for example the Casio G-Shock can proudly stand alongside the like of Patek Philipe and Rolex as the daily beater in the perfect watch collection.  Today we would like to mention another brand which produces exceptionally inexpensive quartz watches, and who through dedication, precision, and attention to detail, manage to also be an essential in any watch collection, that brand is Swatch.

Now you may not be proudly wearing your Swatch to the boardroom, nor to the evening function, the Opera, the nightclub or the dinner date, but when it comes time to open the watch box, and select a fun watch for a relaxing summers day stroll in the park, or a coffee in the local Starbucks, can there be any better option than a Swatch?  In the same way you would be unlikely to wear anything other than a G-Shock to an underground rave or going for a run, there are times when being weighed down with the 300 grams of steel, and 5 kilos of pretension and pose that a luxury watch has, just doesn't fit in with your plans for that particular day, and again we reiterate, that is when the Swatch starts to shine.

Young, fun, relaxed, and casual, a Swatch really has everything you need, and the point of this article, the new Random Ghost collection (ref. SUOK111), may just be the most perfect Swatch yet.  this baby is entirely clear, strap, clasp, dial, case, all clear plastic, and so the movement is completely on display, a movement which incidentally is made up of five parts, of which each part may be made in a different colour, which allows for a potential variety of 15,120 different combinations, so you may never see another person wearing the exact same watch as you.

This then is the Swatch in its purest form, pared down to the absolute bare essentials, just a movement, with colour options, and a clear plastic case, no adornments, no patterns, just a pure quartz powered colourful watch for those days when you just don't feel like wearing a horological masterpiece, but just a fun young time telling device.

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