Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Marriott International Create Limited Edition Tote Bag From Recycled Bed Linen's.

Marriott International have joined with the British luxury accessories brand, Lily and Lionel and British social enterprise, SleepingBags to launch a limited edition tote bag with an exclusive print, and each bag is made from 100 per cent recycled bed linen provided by Marriott Hotels International.

The bag is the first of its kind, and is available to purchase rom Marriott hotels worldwide for £20 each, with £10 of each sale being donated to the Prince's Trust. 

The partnership will create 1,000 designed tote bags, keeping them exclusive, and will focus on SleepingBags goal of reducing landfills, and transforming peoples relationships to waste.  Lily and Lionel's design is a flock of birds in flights, emphasising the transformative nature of the project, and laid on the tasteful charcoal grey of the bag, it is both a responsible option, and a stylish choice.

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