Monday, 2 September 2013

Porsche Design metric Bag Collection.

New from Porsche Design comes the Metric bag collection.  Essentially, as with many of the Porsche Design pieces, it is a minimalist, masculine take on an existing established piece, in this case, the tote bag.

The dimensions allow for the bags to be considered more vertical briefcases rather than tote's, with space for a laptop, papers, internal zipper pockets for small accessories such as bags or keys, and a removable strap means the bag can be shoulder carried for convenience.

We however feel, the bag which is available in three colours, is a bit of a flop, it's design does not succeed in being attractive enough for Women to want to carry one, or classic enough for men to want to use it, it is to formal to be considered a tote, and to directional to be though of as a briefcase.

Therefore the £980 Metric bag which is available now does not win our seal of approval, however, there can be no argument about taste, so if you disagree, we suggest you head to you local Porsche Design outlet now to pick one up.

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