Thursday, 9 January 2014

LaCie 1TB Christofle Collaboration Sphere Drive.

LaCie intrinsically grasps the way in which to sell overpriced Hard Drives, by using star designers, and collaborating with high-end brands.  In the past these have included names such as  Phillipe Starck and Porsche Design, now, for its latest release, they are taking things really upmarket, by collaborating with silver smith brand Christofle, to produce this, 1TB Sphere Drive.

The drive is, as is pretty evident, a large sphere of silver, plated in silver, polished to a shine, to be precise, so security risks be damned, you are going to want to show this baby off!  And the defining element of all luxury gadgets has to be, a shiny LED, in this case a downward facing blue status light, just so you know you are dealing with with something related to technology.

The LaCie Sphere drive will be available from the end of March for £300.

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