Friday, 10 January 2014

MINE Luxury Nail Laquer Pure Gold.

All that glitters is Gold, at least when we speak of it! Why wear gold only as a dress or as accessories when you can literally dip your nails in a pot of pure gold polish? MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer has launched a range of nail paints that are exclusively pigmented with precious metals like gold and silver. The luxurious polish adds oomph and glamour to your finger tips without making much fuss.
Go for a gold bullion look with the 24K Gold Lacquer (featured above) which is available for £350. This dazzling one coat polish is pigmented with pure 24 Karat gold to instantly render intense gilded nails. Topping the collection with its ingredients as well as price tag, it is formulated for those who desire the most precious things in life.
For £380, coat your fingertips with 22K gold lacquer. Sans any filler pigments or colors, this one-coat lacquer offers a decadent golden hue with pure 22 Karat gold only.

If you are looking for just a subtle touch of glitter then simply wear nothing on your nails but the 24K Leaf Top Coat. It is available for £100. Or merge gold and silver by applying a top coat of pure silver shimmer for additional £70 on the 24K Gold Lacquer.

Lacquer is 5-Free, making it the perfect choice for the more conscientious style icon looking for a truly raw, carefully formulated product that stands out as a benchmark of quality, style & perfection. Each fashionable color is richly pigmented, hand-mixed and 3 ml is poured into a hand-crafted Austrian crystal bottle. It also comes with a custom natural hair brush. Apart from the use of precious metals, its other USP is that the lacquer application requires only one coat. This is a boon for all divas who don’t have the patience to sit through application of 2-3 coats of a regular nail paint. The opulent range is available online at MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer and also can be purchased at Heidi Lowe Gallery.

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