Saturday, 11 January 2014

Roland Iten Calibre R22 Mark 1 Bugatti Belt Buckle - A correction.

Back in 2011, June to be precise, we wrote about Roland Iten's first collaboration with Bugatti, the Calibre R22 Mark 1 belt buckle.  This prince amongst belt buckles was set to be released in 2011 March at the Salon Prive, however, excessive delays have caused it to not be released until now, the first quarter of 2014.

And it is here we must correct our earlier statement, not of the release date, but of the price, we stated that this hand crafted 18k Gold, titanium and steel masterpiece would be £10,000 per buckle, however, this was incorrect, in fact, it will be priced as £65,000 and will be limited to a worldwide run of 11 pieces, so it is unlikely you will see another of these.

Perhaps the price caused the delay in releasing it, as they decided not to put it out fully until they sold some, and it took 3 years to find someone willing to buy one, after all at £65,000 per buckle, you are essentially wearing a brand new Porsche 911 on your waist.

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