Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Nespresso Inissia Machine For 2014.

Nespresso, everyones favourite capsule coffee brand, have produced their smallest machine yet in the Inissia.  This 2.4 kg 31cm tall machine is designed to fit into space sensitive areas.  Otherwise known as small kitchens.  Alternatively, it could fit fit into any other room of your home which you might like have a compact coffee machine in.  For example, fancy a coffee while in the study?  At only 25cm long, and 12 cm wide, the Inissia offers a solution.

Available in three colours at present, with more to follow, the Inissia also appears designed to be a budet model.  Offering only two settings, short and long, as opposed to the three settings available on most of the newer machines.  It also costs just £85, making it the least expensive option around at present.  Key thing is however, it is tiny.  So tiny you will be glad to own it.  So tiny you will never realise you needed it, but won't be able to live without it once you see it.

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