Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Karl largerfeld "Emotikarl" Emoji App.

If you love Karl Largerfeld and everything about him so much that you wish you could pepper your messages with images of him, then this is for you.  Presumably more of a media grabbing stunt to garner attention for his new London opening this week than a serious product.  Karl Largerfeld has launched an app which will allow smartphone users to add Karl themed emoticons to their messages.

Including a range of some 100 Karl themed icons, the app, called "Emotikarl", is available as a free download from the app store, because, like, you not going to actually PAY for this are you?

There are a range of icons including his cat choupette, and lots of hands-wearing-gloves icons.  However, the app is more fun than anything else, as it does not integrate as a keyboard liek other emoji apps, so it offers essentially a range of fun Karl Largerfeld images which can be attached to emails, whatsapps or messages.  Or you can write a message in the app, then export it to another.

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