Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Louis Vuitton Collection Propellor Boots.

Sneaker's and trainers have come to be a strong offering from this years Louis Vuitton collections, eclipsing the smarter shoes the brand is normally famed for.  Of allt he new products, one of the true stand-outs are these high-top boat shoe styled sneakers, called the "propellor" boot.

Available in Red and in Navy, they feature the Louis Vuitton Cup logo on the tongue, and are constructed from suede, nubuck and calf leather.  Boat shoe style lacing is contrasted with a funky sole, leaving these as at home on a yacht as on the street or in the club.  The damier pattern finish the job to leave you in no uncertain terms that these are a serious pair of shoes.  Available now for £540.

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