Friday, 27 June 2014

Alfa Romeo Limited Edition Harrison Custom Guitar Works Electric Guitar.

Alfa Romeo, in collaboration with Harrison Custom Guitar Works have created a limited edition electric guitar, inspired by the elegant lines, and vibrant colouring of Alfa Romeo's cars, it features a bright red colour scheme, volume dial in the shape of the marque's badge, and a semi-open body which cleverly designed to mimic the classic radiator grilles of the iconic Alfa Romeo's of time's gone by.

The final detail is a four-leaf clover in aluminium/coral insert in malachite green on the third fret, a nod to Alfa Romeo's 'Quadrofoglio Verde' badge, found only on the top model's from the marque during it's 110 year history.

The likelihood that rock musician's will be rushing to buy this seem's pretty low.  However, at £4000 per edition, numbered, and with only 11 made worldwide, to commemorate Alfa Romeo's 11 decade's in business, the ultra wealthy are likely the only people able to afford it.

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