Monday, 9 June 2014

Bang & Olufsen Play Limited Edition Pepsi Live For Now Headphones.

When huge events like the world cup happen, everyone wants a piece of the action.  Even brands that normally are reserved, and refined start loosing their minds at the prospect of all that lovely money.  What normally follows are, ill advised collaborations, and short lived products that leave people scratching their heads at why they were ever made.  Invariably, years later these items are looked at with withering scorn.

We are not saying this new collaboration between Bang and Olufsen and Pepsi to produce special edition headphones for the World Cup which starts next week is one of those things.  But it so easily could be.

the products are actually not too bad consider the reasoning behind them.  The aforementioned desperate need to cash in on the World Cup.  Essentially we have the H6 and Form 2i headphones in blue, or white, with a pretty picture drawn inside from Ricardo AKN, Merijn Hos, Zosen and Hattie Stewart.

Thats about it really, it's not really necessary to hear either Pespi or B&O's press releases justifying these products.  Suffie to say, they are available now from selected retailers, and Amazon, costing £129 for the Form 2i, and £329 for the H6, meaning that, somewhat bizarrely, the H6 costs no premium, and so is merely a matter of preference, but the Form 2i limited edition costs an extra £20 over the normal model.  Odd.

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