Sunday, 8 June 2014

Magnum 25th Anniversary Dolce And Gabbana Edition.

Collaborations are found pretty much everywhere nowadays, in the most unexpected places, and between the oddest of bedfellows.  Now, Magnum, the choc-ice on a stick brand, have collaborated with, of all people, Dolce & Gabbana.  As with these strage couplings, we have to ask what they have in common?  A company which produces chocolate covered ice-creams, and a fashion brand which produces clothes that generally, only people who don't eat can wear.

That being said, the limited edition does look lovely, and we want one. Whatever the reasons  behind it, we want one.  Vanilla ice-cream, with dark chocolate bits, and crushed pistachios andcovered in white chocolate.

To seal the deal, each one comes packaged in a specially designed box, which has a design featuring Zagara orange blossoms, emerald green prickly pear plants, and juicy coral fruits being the backdrop to a brightly coloured Sicilian horse cart.

Available now from June till stocks run out, it will be priced at a slight premium over a normal Magnum choc-ice of £3.50 each.

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