Monday, 25 August 2014

Grey Goose Release "Grey Goose VX".

Grey Goose has pretty much always been regarded as a top tier spirit in the vodka market, since inception, and even to date.  Its ubiquity has not dampened that.  With tales of water filtered through french rocks, and a stunning bottle which still blows away the competition, it rightly has a place on the top shelf of most establishments.

Now the house of grey goose, the brainchild of french maitre de Chai Francois Thibault, has created an entirely new take on vodka.  This new product will blend Grey Goose vodka with fine Grande Champagne cognac, a marriage designed to create a distinguished spirit which is a step away from vodka, and takes Grey Goose further away from the traditional roots of vodka.

It's a bold move, and one which may not pay off, however, with typical flair, Grey Goose have created a special bottle to retail the product in.  Reminiscent of a cognac decanter, and with a luxurious "collectible" bottle stopper, it is made from "extra flint glass", a fine and high quality glass.

Grey Goose VX will retail for £55 for a 750ml bottle, and £70 for a 1 litre bottle, and will be available at premium retailers from September 1st worldwide.

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