Saturday, 23 August 2014

Kodak SP360 Camera.

Action camera's have become quite popular recently, with Polaroid releasing their own version a short time ago, and Canon rumoured to have something in the pipeline, there appears a surprisingly large market for cameras which can capture peoples high action activities.

We are always left with the same question regarding these devices.  Why do people need these?  In this modern age of smartphones and tablets, almost all people have the ability to record video at all times, all people seem to need is a waterproof case, and off you go.

Kodak's new SP360 action camera responds to this, it is the first 360-degree action camera, allowing full angle view imaging, a pretty revolutionary concept.  Along with wi-fi capability, NFC, USB, HDMI and micro SD support, it is fully able to keep up in the technology stakes also.

Set to be available, along with an 'extreme' pack for a variety of sport as diverse as surfing, it will cost £349 per device.

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