Sunday, 21 December 2014

Belvedere 007 Edition.

As James Bond's 25th film is set for release in 2015, the ceaseless machine which is the Bond marketing engine begins to grind it's gears.  The franchise has seen everything from Samsonite to Rolex, from Dom Perignon to Budweiser, and from BMW to Aston Martin in it's lineup through the years.  And being part of this is seen as a highly desirable marketing move for brands. who pay millions for the chance to be chosen as a marque Bond would use.

In this spirit, no pun intented, Belvedere vodka has been chosen to be Bond's vodka of choice.  We suspect "chosen" is a stretch of the imagination, more likely "were the highest bidders" is closer to the truth.  Whatever the case, Belvedere will the the brand the camera will be subtlely focusing in on while Bond speaks to M.

For the special edition, Belvedere are launching a special edition bottling to truly capitalise on the pairing, which will replace the Belvedere palace with the MI6 building, put the 007 logo on the bottle, and finally, write the word "vodka" in green rather than blue, to evoke MI6's tradition of using green to indicate seniority.

The price will be  a small premium, at £55 per bottle, but as there are only 100 bottles worldwide, this will move pretty fast.  There is also apparently another limited edition jnown as the "Silver Sable", which has a bottle designed to refract light, and comes as a boxed gft set, however price, and release date o this are not yet available.

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