Friday, 19 December 2014

Winter Luxury Leather Glove Line Up.

As the days and nights grow colder, a simple overcoat wont cut it, you start to need a scarf, hat, and of course, gloves.  If you are in the mood to treat yourself before christmas, or are looking for an always welcome gift, here is a brief selection of some luxury gloves.  All of these can be purchased online at Mr Porter, or at their respective brands stores.

From Lanvin comes a leather glove, with wool backing.  If a little colour or style injection is of interest, this, could be the choice for you.  Carrying Lanvin's signature check, and costing £275, they are available only in black.

Bottega Veneta have expanded their glove range, and taken the intreciatto pattern, which previously only featured as a small detail to new levels, almost completely covering the back of the glove.  Available in black or brown, these cost £270.

Ralph Lauren Polo have chosen to focus on warmth, rather than opting for cashmere lining, or even silk, they have chosen to go for thinsulate, the man made fiber, which is commonly used in ski-wear, and extreme weather garments.  At £125, they are not overly expensive, and if braving cold temperatures is a real problem, these could be for you.

Oliver Spencer have taken things back to school, with these bold, simple wool gloves.  Almost mitten like, if you are looking for a pair to be taken seriously with, these are probably not the ones, if however, you want a fun pair for chilly Sunday walks with a thick down jacket, at only £65 these are a steal.

Finally, from Loro Piana we have the ultra luxe option.  Costing £420 per pair, you don't want to be loosing one of these in a taxi ride home after the christmas party.  However, if you like nothing but the best, these deer leather gloves, lined with Loro Piana cashmere, and available in brown, tan, or black, are going to be the option for you,

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