Thursday, 18 December 2014

Nike Re-Release The Air Max 1 SP Liquid Metal.

Capitalising on the current success of the Air Max 1 trainer, Nike released the liquid metal pack back in October 2013.  The latest of many super shiny Air Max shoes.  The pack sold out almost immedeately, and the trainers, with the periodic symbol for the corresponding metal, have become almost as valuable as the relevant metal in the after sales market.

Now, Nike have re-released the shoes again as a quickstrike release.  Sadly, they are already sold out at, however, they can still be picked up at a few retailers,

So get hunting, at £139 per pair, you could still have the chance to get your hands on a pair.

There’s no mistaking the iconic Air Max 1 and new variations on the classic are coming thick and fast – although move slow and you’re likely to miss out on some of the best releases. Nike dropped the Air Max 1 SP “Liquid Metal” pack for the first time October last year, it flew off the years and became rarer than the precious metals the pack was designed upon. Thankfully, Nike have decided to revisit the styles and release it once again, just in time for the holidays. The sneaker comes in either a silver metallic version or a gold metallic version, both of which are made using premium leather and finished with the corresponding element symbols.
They may already be sold out on but keep your eyes peeled for availability at other retailers.

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