Thursday, 4 December 2014

Savoy Hotel's Beaufort Bar Pop-Up-Menu.

As part of the Savoy Hotel's ongoing 125 year celebration they have launched an exclusive, limited edition, pop-up-menu for the Beaufort Bar

The piece is a collaboration between Joe Wilson, and Helen Friel, who were commissioned by head barman Chris Moore to create this menu.  The menu is a unique presentation, and to our knowledge, has not been done before.

Taking inspiration from their classic cocktails only, therefore ensuring it has a long life ahead of it past the 1000 limited editions, each page has a intricately made pop-up which talks of the history of the cocktail on that page, ingredients, and in most cases, some of the last 125 years absolute icons who have drank in the Savoy's bars.

The limited edition cocktail book can be purchased as a gift, or for yourself as a souvenior, and costs £50, making it firmly a luxury purchase.

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