Saturday, 6 December 2014

Starbuck's For Life Solid Gold Card.

Every year for the holiday season for about three years now, Starbucks do something special with their Starbucks cards.  Normally, this involves producing a limited edition prepaid card, loaded with a lot of credit, and some special features.  For 2014, they decided to do something really special.

From now until the 5th of January 2015, every purchase made in a Starbucks in the US, Canada and the UK made with a registered Starbucks card or app will net you a receipt with a unique code.  This code can be entered into the Starbucks sweepstakes to win one of 482,000 instant prizes, or, one of the grand prizes, the "Starbucks for life" card.

The Starbucks for life card will give the lucky will a solid 10k hammered gold card, which will allow the owner to walk into any Starbucks store and obtain any beverage and food item for free, for the next 30 years.  That is correct, free food and drink up until 2045.

This is a pretty impressive prize, the gold value is £3000, and the free food and drink could be worth tens of thousands of pounds.  The only bad news for UK customers is whereas the US and Canada have respectively 10 and 3 cards available to win, the UK only has 1.  

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