Saturday, 7 February 2015

Marc Jacob's x Zana Bayne Erotic Accessories.

The seedier side of Valentines, the things that we all know couplesget up to at the end of the night, after the wining, and dining, and back to that hotel room.  These are not normally covered by luxury brands around February time.  Normally we see the lovey dovey side alluded to, with lots of pink, and hearts, and roses.

Mark Jaobs in collaboration with Zana Bayne is eschewing that by producing a range of luxury erotic accessories.  Produced not only for Valentines, but also for the upcoming 50 Shades Of Grey film, the BDSM nature of these makes more sense.

The range includes, black or red heart shaped blindfold, heart shaped nipple covers, a heart tipped riding crop in leather, a mini whip, and perhaps the most extreme, a human sized dog collar an leash.

Costing from £40 for the small nipple covers, up to £165 for the collar and leash, all pieces are stamped in gold with the co-branded logo, and are available now from Marc Jacobs online.

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