Friday, 6 February 2015

Moynat Jewellery Trunk For Chaumet Diamond Necklace.

Harking back to the heady days of steamer travel in which brands such as Moynat were born and flourished, this special commission for Chaumet by Moynat is exactly the sort of thing we would expect to have seen in the archives as being made for a duchess or maharaja.

Gently curved to evoke both the curve of the necklace, and Moynat's classic steamer trunks, this was designed to commemorate the 165th anniversary of Moynat, and also their first voyage to Asia.

As for the necklace, it also is inspired by the past, a design from 191, this high jewellery has 156 brilliant cut diamonds, and 70 pear cut diamonds, for a total of 90 carats of diamonds.

When the mini trunk opens, the glass vitrine lights up, which along with the elegant details, such as trunk closures, and handles, make for an exceptional compliment for and exceptional piece of jewellery.  The best bit?  The case is in fact free, all you need to do is buy the unique, one of a kind necklace, which is a steal at just £285,000.

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