Thursday, 5 February 2015

Puma Alife Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.

Alife (written ALIFE) is a brand which has collaborated infrequently, and always spectacularly.  Pretty much keeping itself to itself, and therefore maintaing for the most part it's edgy street cool, by staying away from major mainstream ongoing collaborations like brands such as BAPE indulge in frequently.

With the second collection in a row from its collaboration with Puma, that may be changing somewhat.  Not that Alife isn't cool anymore, that just wont happen. Ever.  But we may be seeing Alife moving more into the mainstream, and having more of a presence than previously.

We have to admit, the pieces are pretty awesome, heavily using Alife's ultra cool logo.  Stand out piece has to be the high tops.  Ecpect them to sell out fast, especially since they cost a mere £145 per pair.

The whole collection will be available in Alife (ALIFE) stores, and worldwide premium retailers from February 14th.

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