Monday, 23 March 2015

Passarella Death Squad Penthouse Collection.

We are very glad to present a new collection from Passarella Death Squad.  Glad because it has been too long since this genius collective of all-in-one artist, musicians and fashion designers have produced a new collection of iconic tee's.  We still drop an occasional tear for missing out on the immediate sell-out Shoom Club tees.

For 2015 they have created a penthouse themed collection, based on David Cronenberg's ultra extreme Videodrome film.  The selection of five slightly seedy, grainy looking images grace the front of the simple, slim cut white tees, and remind us why we love the Death Squad guys.

Available from mid April, and priced at the ridiculously reasonable £45 each, they are likely to sell out pretty fast.  Go forth and consume!

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