Thursday, 30 April 2015

Dolce And Gabbana Brass And Calf Leather Heart Clutch.

Although having an interest in luxury goods, or merely being an occasional consumer, means you will find a consistent output of quality products to enjoy, true innovativeness begins to become rarer and rarer, with mere re-issues of existing products beginning to become the norm.

This charming new clutch from Dolce And Gabbana intends to make us feel that special warm feeling we get when we see something genuinely original.  Constructed from a little touch of calf leather, the big story here is the remaining 90% of this heavily decorated heart shaped clutch is made from Brass.  Solid brass handbags are certainly not an everyday occurence.

The only caveat is the cost, sadly such innovativeness and creativity always costs though.  In this case £6,500 per edition.  The clutch is available now from Dolce And Gabbana retailers.

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