Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Furla "Spy" Backpack For Spring/Summer 2015.

The backpack has been elevated by the fashion brigade from the lowly school bag, which lazy or impoverished aspiring worker drones would don for the daily commute, to a genuine must have accessory.  This is partly due to practicality, as we need our hands free to touch the screens of our devices, and partly as a backpack allows for for real estate to show your fashion credentials.

Furla has released for Spring/Summer 2015 a range of backpacks called the "Spy" collection.  Modelled in the classic half moon shape with zip around top, and a decidely monochrome palette, the line-up of three bags are adorned with gleaming chains, and polished grommets.  

The Spy backpacks are available now, and are priced at £1,200 per bag.

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