Friday, 3 April 2015

New Balance 1300JP

New Balance is not a brand most consumers of luxury goods would associate with luxury.  Indeed, most consumers in general would be likely to associate it either with runners, Asian teens on to the "next big trend", or late middle age men running to pick the kids up from school after work.

However, New Balance do offer a few high end limited models with the exclusivity and cachet to be considered luxury items, and the 1300 model is one of these.  First released in 1985, they are produced every 5 years to commemorate New Balance's more retro models.  The latest model is the 1300JP, is in an ultra retro nubuck, soft leather, and mesh nylon, in grey and teal, with a White leather New Balance accent.

Limited worldwide, the fuirst announced availability will be a run of a paltry 20 at J.Crew's Liquor Store in New York.  The price of such exclusivity and rareness will be £225 per pair.

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