Thursday, 25 June 2015

Limited Edition Levi's Grateful Dead Denim Jacket Series.

Many commemorative efforts slap of gross commercialisation.  Indeed, most collaborations in reality.  However, this one between rock band The Grateful Dead and Levi's seems absolutely appropriate.

We can well and truly picture members of the band wearing these sort of emblazoned, personalised denim jackets, both onstage and off.  And they are likely to be pretty much a uniform for the roadies.

Like something straight out of a 1970's rock video, they boldly, in a range of finishes and tones, use Grateful dead patches on the rear.  And as is well known, Levi's is very much a brand that musicians utilise on the road, its workmanlike quality, and hardwearing nature, combined with good value, means denim is likely to be a musicians first choice when starting out, and old habits die hard.

Each jacket is unique, and sadly there is the rub, as he only way to own one of these unique is at auction.  And winning the auction will award the lucky fan a pair of tickets to the upcoming 50th anniversary concert at Levi's stadium, and proceeds from the sale will go to a charity the band chooses.

So start moving fast if this is something you like, as the concert is in just 3 days!  Be prepared to bid high, remember, its for charity, plus, you get an awesome jacket, and can rock on at Grateful Dead's last ever concert Fare Thee Well.

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