Friday, 26 June 2015

Vans Takashi Murakami Collection For 2015.

From tomorrow, the much hyped Van's Takashi Murakami collection will finally be fully available in all its glory.  Following lots of teasers, hints, and promos, we finally know what to expect, and what pricing and availability will be.

The Collection will comprise six adult slip on skate sneakers in with different vibrant Murakami prints, and being Japanese, for the Kawaii factor, three toddler slip on designs.  The collection also includes three tee shirts, and four skateboard docks.

Pricing is from a premium £85 for the slip ons, and sadly availability is US only.  However, online purchase is possible through Dover Street Market, and we are sure some enterprising soul will bring some stock over here before it sells out and retail it for a small premium.

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