Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Marshall London Smartphone.

Marshall, the maker of world renowned amplifier's and loudspeakers used by professional musicians the world over for some five decades.  And the choice of Spinal Tap's lead singer when he wanted to turn it up to "11".  Have decided to turn their hands to the world of smartphones.

This however will not be an iPhone or Samsung with a Marshall logo painted on the side, this is a genuine, from the ground up Android based phone that comes from the hearts and minds of the Marshall design team, and which is firmly, and solidly focused of music, and the enjoyment of it at its best.

First off, the phone has a dedicated hi-fi grade sound card, which it uses to drive the two stereo speakers which are forward facing on the device.  Next up, music sharing will not be an issue, as this comes with two stereo jacks to put two sets of headphones in the top, or two speakers.  Also, a dedicated M button takes you straight to the music player, the heart of the device.  And when there, a global wide equaliser allows the user to be a DJ from their own handset.  Combined with a cool matt black finish, and brass details, with a scroll wheel for more easily scrolling through music, this seems a serious music lovers mobile.

Set to be released by the end of July, the phone which also has the standard nowadays of an 8 megapixel camera, a Qualcomm chipset and will run Android 5.0.2 on its 4.7" screen will cost £399 per edition.

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