Thursday, 23 July 2015

Passarella Death Sqauad Fantasy Collection A/W 15

Oh Passarella Death Squad, how we wish you would produce more amazing stuff.  Everything this all-in-one collective which output music, art and clothing do is amazing.  And it's latest A/W 15 release is no different.

Simultaneously releasing a set of stunning artworks, a series of limited edition tee's and a stadium jacket, and a music mix, the "Fantasy Scene's" series puts any man of today with even the slightest hint of nostalgia for the heyday of arcade gaming in a heady buzz of happy memories.

The artist has taken classic arcade games, and placed them strategically in locations around his hometown of Whitley Bay, a now slightly run down seaside town, which back in the day had a lively sea front of arcade machines just like the ones here, which would have kids queueing to play.  He then colour saturates the shots to inject them with hyper realism.  Any big kid who has been reduced to playing Angry Birds on their mobile will look at these images and may have a tear brought to their eye.

The tee's use selective images from the artworks screen printed on the front, and the stadium jacket uses the rear.  Prices are from £65 and £220 for the jacket and they feature a seriously tapered fit.  Move fast though.  All Passarella Death Squad stuff is one run only, then gone forever.

Also check out the haunting evocative electronic remix created for the collection, it perfectly mirrors the desolate visuals, and recall's a nostalgic sense of loss of a happy, more innocent time.

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