Friday, 17 July 2015

Pierre Hardy Matches Fashion Exclusive Collection.

French shoe designer Pierre Hardy has teamed up with UK-based fashion mecca Matches to launch an exclusive travel capsule collection.
The limited edition, four-piece series comprises a generous tote bag, a wash bag, a hand-sewn espadrille and a classic pouch.

Inspired by Hardy’s symbolic cube perspective print, each piece is crafted from the same denim blue and white geometric motif fabric.
Designed with the summer vacation season in mind and launching this month, the collection plays on the designer’s reputation for creating optical illusions within his work.

Since launching its debut collection in 1999, the Pierre Hardy brand has become known for its radical, graphic visions, focused on geometry and form. The designer placed an emphasis on shapes, color-blocking, lines and construction games. The brand’s “Cube Perspective” motif, a 2D/3D optical illusion that the designer continues to re-imagine in different forms, was first launched in 2010.

The collection will be available on Matches Fashion Online with pieces priced between £180 and £850.

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