Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Jeremy Scott B-Ball Edition Adidas Originals Wings Sneaker.

Jeremy Scott's designed "wings" sneakers seem to be a joke that keeps both being funny, and also making a considerable amount of money for Adidas.  The sneakers, which feature a huge wing on each shoe through the laces, seemingly styled after icarus's wings, continue to be successful season after season.

The latest release is the "B-Ball" which is inspored in both name and form by basketball.  Featuring a pebbled brown upper, brown stitching, black laces, and black soles, we imagine if you close your eyes and stroke them you may mistake them for a basketball.

Available now for £150 per pair, these loud luxury sneakers are sure to sell out, despite no-one other than musicians and rappers ever seeming to wear them.

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