Thursday, 15 October 2015

Bang & Olufsen New Products For 2015.

After having a pretty wuiet year, Bang & Olufsen have pushed the boat out with no less than five new product releases.

The H7 on ear headphones are in reality just the H8 headphones without noise cancelling.  This is really all there is to it.  A selection of different colours, and a cheaper price point.  The Beoplay H7 headphones cost £329 and are available now.

The H3 ANC adds active noise cancellation to the popular H3 earphones.  If anyone is wondering how this is achieved, it is done via a battery powered control dongle on the earphones in the shape of a circle, which allows the user to get around 12 hours of ANC playtime.  The earphones also work without ANC.  The Beoplay H3 ANC costs £199 per pair.

The next product two products are wireless speakers.  No more and no less.   The S3 is a small compact model, which can be wirelessly stereo linked, or up to 3 with a cable.  The Beoplay S3 is a budget offering from Bang & Olufsen, costing only £299 per speaker.

The H6 is a more advanced wireless speaker, and can be thought of as a compact version of the ultra popular H9 speaker.  This features touch controls, multiroom wireless functionality, and fabric covers in a selection of colours, and is slightly more expensive costing £799.  Although the Beoplay H6 is still a fairly reasonably priced product from Bang & Olufsen.

Finally Bang & Olufsen have released a product which is more in-keeping with Bang & Olufsen's brand philosophy.  These ultra high-end speakers are sold singularly, due to the 360 degree nature of the soundstage they produce.  These can only be purchased on a buy to order basis, and the name of these slots them into Bang Olufsen's top end speaker range, being called the Beolab 90's.  The price per speaker is £28,000.

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