Friday, 16 October 2015

G-Shock Johnny Cupcakes Collaboration.

Casio and design firm Johnny Cupcakes are teaming up for a limited edition G-SHOCK wristwatch due November 2015.
The makeover takes a chunky GDX6900, gives it a bright aqua tone, and drops pink, white and blue sprinkles over it.
“Sprinkles are the accent to a cupcake. They top it off and complete the whole look, and that’s exactly what a watch is to an outfit.”
The brand inspired by a nickname for company founder Johnny Earle, its select few retail locations have been marked out by interior and exterior decor styled after vintage bakeries.
The £100 timepiece will be made available through the Johnny Cupcakes website, stores (Los Angeles, Boston, Martha’s Vineyard and Hull (MA), and additional select retailers.
Stand-up comic Mike Falzone contributed a video to the campaign.

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