Thursday, 19 November 2015

Ai Weiwei "Rebar" Jewellery Collection.

Ai Weiwei has designed and released a collection of jewellery pieces for the consumer market.  Called the "Rebar" collection, it is in essence, 24kt gold bars which the artist bent by hand to be worn as bracelets.

At present tw are available, a triple loop and single loop style.  About the pieces the artist stated : “I liked working with 24-karat gold because it is very malleable. I have twisted each bar to my own design, but the idea is that the wearer then can shape them to their own fit, to their own story. It’s about commemoration and memory. Whether that’s your memory or the one I have, that’s up to you, so you mold the piece to suit you. I used gold because it’s precious, and that’s what life is — precious. If you wear this piece in the name of the memory of a life lost or your life ahead, that’s what matters. It’s all about respect for life.”

The pieces are therefore meant to be manipulated by consumers to suit their purposes, so can be reshaped to be a necklace if desired.  On display at the Royal Academy now, and to purchase from the Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery on Heddon street for either £25,000 or £48,000.

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