Thursday, 5 November 2015

Louis Vuitton City Guides App.

Louis Vuitton have been producing their hardcopy City Guides for over 15 years.  Beginning strong, with bold colours and boxed sets, the yearly releases are now hotly anticipated, with the possibility to either purchase as boxed sets, or individually nowadays.

Now Louis Vuitton have announced they intend to release a new, digital app based version of the City Guide.

This is in fact not the first time Louis Vuitton have attempted to release an  app which gave users the opportunity to experience the world of LV in an online form.  in 2012 we saw the ill fated "LV" app, which pretty much universally was panned.  This city guide edition is set to be alot slicker, and alot better.  Set to be available for download in late November.

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