Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Loro Piana Expands Bomber Range.

The bomber jacket is the quintessential piece from Loro Piana.  Done from the launch of the brand in the late 1990's in their signature windmate fabric reversible to cashmere, it is also their most reasonably priced item.  Now Loro Piana have launched a range of bomber's in different fabrics.

  First up the simply named "Bomber", pictured above, in suede and lined with cashmere it is the classic silhouette in basic brown or navy suede, priced at £3,440.

Next up the "Sweater Soft Bomber", with a jersey knitted cashmere body, and rib-knit sleeves, it is more a sweater than a jacket, and can be used as a layer or as outerwear priced at £2.095.

The "Reinmate Bomber" takes again the classic silhouette, but this time does it is reindeer suede.  Available only in beige, it costs £4,315.

The "Blend Bomber Felt" blends luxurious Vicuna and Baby Cashmere and is designed to be a relaxed boxy cut zip up jacket.  This is a serious luxury option costing £8,270.

Available in either blue or tan the Travel Light Bomber Piumino" is a padded deep winter option, in suede, and lined with cashmere.  Priced at £3,840.

Finally the "Citey Bomber" (sic), provides a felt flannel cashmere storm system oiuter, with a removable castorino fur inner. Priced at £5,940 it as all the Bomber series is available now.

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