Monday, 11 January 2016

Manila Social Club $100 Gold Cristal Ube Donut.

As anyone who is anyone knows, the big trend in food right now is donuts.  Taking over from the frenzy around cupcakes of a few years ago, since the launch of the "Cronut", novelty and creative donuts have been the centre of food bloggers attention worldwide.

And from Manila Social Club, the upmarket New York restaurant, comes the Ube Donut.  These have been around for a little while in their standard form.  Selling out at least two weeks in advance, and priced at $40 per box, they contain dense purple yam (ube) compressed into a mousse filling, and topped with sweet ube icing.

The next level of luxury is the Golden Cristal Ube Donut.  Sold in singles, and each costing $100, this is the ube donut base, topped with Cristal Champagne infused icing, and 24K gold leaf.  

This was in fact launched a week or so ago, but we thought we would hold off to see if it actually sells.  Amazingly, or perhaps we should say predictably, it is.  Not only in singles apparently, it is selling by the dozen.  Hardly a deal, but there is a slight discount, $1000 for a dozen versus the $100 per individual donut.

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