Saturday, 2 July 2016

El Purista Cigar Smoker's Chair.

Smoking is a habit which has rather extreme ends to it, at one end of the scale we have the cigarette smoker, who will normally be found outside buildings having a drag, the glamorous image of the hollywood star smoking on the silver screen is very much a thing of the past, with heavy legislation and numerous cancer horror stories, cigarette smoking has come to be regarded as a dirty habit.

Then at the other extreme we have the cigar smoker.  This is a habit which involves expensive smoking accessories, and will be carried out in private smoking rooms in members clubs, a storied and established ritual which is likely to be experienced by wealthy individuals settling into leather chairs.

And for this second group of consumers comes the El Purista cigar smokers chair.  Handmade in Germany from beech, with a walnut veneer, and covered with aniline leather, this is designed by Rodrigo Gonzalez and Alexander Sauer to resemble the Eames lounger.  In the arms, are a cedar wood drawers for cigars, ashtray, cigar cutter, and slot for a glass.  It is the whole kit in essence, and the spot you will be likely to be spending a lot of time in while you enjoy your favourite cigar.

Available to order from August, depending on the leather option, it will be priced from £2,500 to £3,600.

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