Monday, 19 September 2016

Bamford Watch Department Mickey Mouse Rolex.

A new Rolex is no particular shocker from Bamford Watch Department., the brand has firmly established itself as a customiser of Rolex's par excellence.  However, this new release must be considered to be one of the most radical departures from the pure Rolex yet.

Utilising Disney's Mickey Mouse as the inspiraration, it is available in silver and black PVD versions, it features a bold white Mickey on the dial, with his arms as the hands.  Underneath Mickey is Disney's logo, and the indices are dots in either white or red.  

What makes this such a radical move is, other than the crown and wriststrap, there is nothing to identify it as a Rolex.  Usually some markings display this, but if you were not familiar with the custom model, you would never know its a Rolex Milgaus.  This may have been a choice by Dover Street Market, as it is they who are retailing it, and their Snoopy edition is similar, though not so extreme.

The special edition is available at Dover Street Market, and will also be available in Hong Kong Lane Crawford costing £18,500 each edition.

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